Storystorm Day 25: Idea 25

It took 25 days, but I have now circled around on ideas. The good news is I have fleshed out an idea from earlier in the month, the bad news is I spent the day thinking I had a new idea when I did not.

So here’s an idea I came up with earlier in the month with another idea and have been keeping in my back pocket.

It’s a bout a kid who wants to wear his/her parents shoes. Of course they don’t fit yet, but the kid wears them anyway and tries to follow in his/her parents’ footsteps.

As s/he grows older, the shoes fit somewhat better as they are better able to follow what their parents do, until the kid actually catches up to the parents and can fit them perfectly.

And at that point, the parents give the kid his/her own pair of shoes to blaze their own path.

There’s a reason it was kept in the back pocket…


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