Storystorm Day 18: Idea 18

Twice today I heard this idea of doing something that puts you in the annals of history. Something that will stand the test of time alongside the other titans of that trade. Otherwise known as a legacy.

I think a lot of people think about their legacy. Whether it’s a personal legacy or just wanting to leave the world a better place than how they found it. But that’s getting too preachy. After it’s broken down, it’s simply about leaving something behind.

Can a child understand that concept? Of leaving something behind, either because someone before him/her left something behind for him/her, or because we just can’t carry everything with us, or because we want someone to have something we got a lot out of, or because we just want to be remembered.

A lot of options there. And this is too deep to start digging into. I’ll just find myself 1,000 feet deep and still digging. So I’m inclined to make it incredibly simple and just have a child go somewhere and purposefully leave something behind for another who would get benefit out of. Stay out of the child’s head completely. Leave it up to the reader to decide why.



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