Storystorm Day 15: Idea 15

I don’t have any story behind today’s story. Nothing really inspired this idea, I just thought of it.

I want to tell a story about “after.” What do you do after something amazing comes to an end? You can keep going, build on what came before, or you could take a nap.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break to recharge. And sometimes, after you reached the pinnacle, and you worked hard to get there, and the next step if you want to go higher from there is going to be very difficult, taking a break is necessary and earned.

So after someone does something impressive, there’s a lot of pressure concerning the next step. What will this someone do next? All the possibilities are laid before this someone. And the person announces that the next day, everyone will know what this someone is going to do next.

Everyone gathers around this someone’s house the next day, and they wait. What will this amazing someone do next? What’s it going to be? It could be anything. Can’t wait to find out.

And inside, someone is sleeping in.


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