Storystorm Day 14: Idea 14

The Big Top is coming down. Ringling Bros. circus is coming to an end. Now I’ve never been to the circus. Never wanted to. I didn’t go for the clowns, and I stayed away for the animal treatment. But I am nostalgic. And something that has gone for 146 years is coming to an end, and I’d want to mark it. In a few years, the stories will be all we have.

So to celebrate the circus, I’d like to focus on the performers. The gymnasts and tightrope walkers. These are talented folk, and the story I would like to tell is about a child training to walk the tightrope. It’s the theme of hard work and determination and what it takes to do something incredibly difficult. And the tightrope seems like a great way to show how hard work can pay off in increments. From getting a few feet further across the rope, to raising rope a few more feet off the ground.

And then, when the child nails the tight rope, s/he puts the unicycle on the wire. Because you always have to keep challenging yourself. And keep going to see how wild and fun it can get.



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