Storystory Day 12: Idea 12

I don’t how I’ve been doing something for 11 days and then almost completely forgot about it today. But I have a half hour left, so here’s a very quick thought to that 12th day’s idea in:

I mentioned I was sick early in the week. It was a particularly nasty bug that has been through about 80% of my family, and is still making its way through. So what if the nasty bug was a real Nasty Bug. It lands on someone and makes them irritated. They come in contact with someone else, and they’re acting irritated because of the Nasty Bug on them, and the Nasty Bug then jumps onto this someone else and irritates them.

So the Nasty Bug goes from person to person, irritating them, and the irritation goes from person to person as well.

Until finally this Nasty Bug is met with kindness, and turns into butterfly and flies off, sprinkling joy over all the irritated people left in its path.

Get it? Kindness is the medicine.

What time is it? We’re good on time. Idea 12 is in the bag.


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