Storystorm Day 10: Idea 10

For the first 9 days of this Storystorm experience, I’ve pasted the same intro, but I don’t think it’s called for by now. So I’ll just say it’s a challenge writers take on to come up with 3o ideas in 30 days, starting January 1st. And it’s a challenge I accepted.

Here’s my 10th idea:

My friend just had a baby, and he- she had a home birth. Personally, I don’t like it. Just in case, worst case scenario that nobody ever hopes happens, I’d always want to be in a hospital with all available resources. But at the same time, assuming all goes according to plan, which I think it normally does, then there isn’t anything that has to be done for a birth that wasn’t done thousands of years ago. And I know the midwife who delivered the baby and she has been to remote villages across Africa where they still do the birthing process today in the same way they’ve always been doing it. And that got me thinking about things that haven’t changed in its forever. It’s like they say about re-inventing the wheel. Don’t do it. You don’t have to.

This feels like a non-fiction idea. I would like to look at things that were invented or created years ago and see how they have changed and why they’ve changed, as well as things that didn’t change and how they’ve been perfectly filling their role for centuries. Heck, maybe it is just about the wheel. The advancements as the wheel rolls through history, but ultimately the original design was on point.

Perhaps to make it a little more fun, the story is told by the original wheel, like it’s going through a photo album of its kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. Did you know his great-great-great grandson rolled Lincoln around on his inauguration day? And here’s a distant nephew on Mars.

So proud.


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