Storystorm Day 9: Idea 9

Storystorm is a movement- yeah I think I could call it a movement- created by Tara Lazar in which writers take on the challenge of coming up with a picture book idea a day for the month of January. It’s a month of brainstorming for stories. Hence, Storystorm. The goal is to end the month with 30 new ideas to have in the holster.

Sounds like fun, so I’m going to try it. I don’t imagine I’ll find too many gems here, but I hope to mine for some coal that can be refined over time and polished into diamonds. I don’t know if gems come from coal, but it’s all rocks (are gems even rocks, actually? I could just look it up, but I’m not going to. I’m saving my effort for the actual ideas, not the metaphor about the ideas). And I’m going to share my ideas here, and hopefully turn this into a collaborative experience. I’ll throw out the initial impulse, and hopefully it’ll inspire something in someone else, and inspire something else in someone else and who knows how many different stories can be inspired from one seed. All I ask is you add something to the initial idea in the comments, show how you’re making it your own and taking it somewhere further than it was when you found it. Then I give you my blessing to take it.

So here we go:

Still sick. How sick? I actually had this thought today, “Hey, it’s the 9th day of Storystorm and I’m working on the 9th idea… That’s an interesting coincidence. Maybe there’s a story there.” So clearly my thinking is compromised.

Being sick also means I can’t get out into the world and hope to be struck by inspiration. No, I have to search for it the internet. And that is really hard. Everyone has fallen into an internet rabbit hole. I’ve been distracted most of the day by amazing and interesting somethings and nothings (one of those things is this twitter account about nature- the wonders and scary parts. A lot of it is beautiful, but I’ll warn you, some of it is very disturbing. But I guess still might be beautiful to some people…). So I’m just going to make that my story.

A child has to find something. The perfect gift. The perfect project. The perfect something. Oh, and this child is a pessimist and maybe doesn’t believe s/he will find this perfect thing because it doesn’t exist. And as this child searches, s/he keeps getting distracted by all these things that catch his/her interest. But the child has to keep pulling him/herself away from them to find this perfect thing. Can s/he find it? Maybe it doesn’t exist, but these distractions show him/her there are all of these other things that show the child there is plenty out there worth getting excited about.



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