Starting The Blog


For a long time, I’ve considered starting a blog on writing. I love the writing process and talking about where stories come from and how they develop. But, like with writing, I couldn’t be sure I’d have what to write on a consistent basis. What if I wasn’t inspired? I didn’t want to start a blog if I didn’t think I could do it right.

But then I rewatched one of my favorite movies of the last few years; Inside Out. It was a wonderfully original and creative story about feelings that made you feel all things. It was visually beautiful, the voice acting was spot on, and it was almost perfect… Almost.

Now, I love this movie. The first time I saw it was also the second time I saw it. After it ended, I immediately restarted it. But there’s a part of the movie, and a very significant part, that every time really leaves me feeling underwhelmed. It’s the beginning of the denouement (the end of a story when the main character has reached the culmination of the events and understands what needs to be done to fix everything that has happened so far). Joy realizes that Riley needs sadness as much as joy in her life, and she needs to get herself and Sadness back to Headquarters. It’s what she’s been trying to do throughout the whole movie. And how does she do it?

She tips a tower of dream boys over to hit a trampoline and soar back to Headquarters.

So… Okay, maybe it’s because I was so impressed with the rest of the movie and the brilliant creativity throughout, but that felt like a weak solution to me. I felt like the geniuses at Pixar could have done better. In fact, I know they could have. They have done better. But it also doesn’t make me not love this movie.

Yes, it’s a key part in the story.  Getting back to Headquarters is the journey we’ve been on throughout the entire movie. But the rest of the movie is so good, so creative, and the characters and emotions that run the gamut provide such a wonderful experience, I’m able to overlook this bit of less-than. It doesn’t take away from the rest of the awesome, not one bit. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be something I get so much out of.

So maybe I don’t have to be a perfect blogger. Maybe I don’t have to write pearls every week that change people’s lives. If the macro experience of this blog can provide enough moments of wonder and inspiration, even if there are moments that underwhelm, if at the end of it all, the greater experience of this blog is something good, maybe it could still be a worthwhile. So maybe I can give this a try.


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